Belonging and becoming 

The maturing stages of belonging

We learn that being solo in our personal or working lives is lonely. 

We long for a tribe, to find our people, to become a part of something.

While we are still in the process of becoming – when our identity is uncertain, confused and insecure – we subjugate ourselves to a tribe with a charismatic leader. This leader can be both a person and a belief. Because of our lack of self-worth and insecurity, we are highly open to exploitation. We are a honey pot for the charismatic leader to use and abuse us.

If we survive this stage and recognise our part in this – our collusion and willingness to be seduced – we seek another tribe.

The next tribe we find are those who are building empires and getting drunk on success. It is intoxicating. The energy! The trophies! The score!

But where is the heart, and why do I still feel a chasm of emptiness inside?

Over there are people who clearly care. They love. They are up to change. They protest and rage against the exploitation and cruelty of the world. This is my tribe. But in their allergy to anything that is not consensus and their fear of speaking truth to themselves or others, projects fall into messy human heaps.

The loneliness engulfs us. Everything we believed disintegrates. What is true? Who am I? Why do I matter? 

This is the journey. It is dark. It is extremely lonely. We are shattered. 

Like an imaginal cell, pieces of us that are no longer willing to subjugate, no longer willing to collude, start to gather in alignment. We find the full throttle of our voice. Our identity matures. 

The tribe we create or become a part of at this stage is one that combines both clear-sighted authorship, the opportunity for all participants to speak and be heard, the flexibility to adapt and emerge, and the dignity of choice in transparency and with full knowledge symmetry.

This is a Syntropic Enterprise, enabling both belonging and becoming.

Photo Taken February 2nd 2023