Bricolage as a power tool for entrepreneurs.

A zero budget forces heightened creativity

The principle behind bricolage is to make use of whatever materials or ideas you have available to you in the immediate now to create some form of art.

Innovation often arises from the seemingly random raw ideas and materials we have available to us at the time. Almost any successful entrepreneur will tell you that when they started and their budget was zero they were compelled by circumstance to make use of what they had. The very element of not having cash forced them to a higher level of creativity. And it was in this heightened creativity that the true genius of their idea was awakened.

In other words, having a zero budget is a very good place to start.

When we deploy integral accounting one of the first steps we take is to do an audit of everything we have in our ecosystem that is immediately available to us now. Including the things that we may discount, or simply don’t see.

The materials, relationships and resources needed for the next stage of any entrepreneurial idea is almost always available…its just that we have lost the eyes to see because our eyes have been trained to see the easy path that money might buy. And we have become lazy.

The world needs more training in bricolage. Right under our noses lies the solution. It is there in the ordinary and boring. The stuff and people we have discounted.

So if you are stuck…look again, and again. And then again.

February 10th 2020

Photo taken January 26th 2016