Bringing a vision to life

The word vision…to see something not yet expressed…is a powerful way to engage with the future.

 Visionaries are revered in our current business world. Entangled with vision is intention. I see and I intend it to become.

In Syntropic World we call the vision the Source Idea and it is woven into the Evolutionary Purpose. 

The Evolutionary Purpose = When this vision comes to life, here is what will be evident. 

For example, a world where Syntropic Enterprises – a new way of creating every part of an enterprise that ensures a world with a future – is the norm and not the exception. Syntropic Enterprises as ubiquitous. An exponential advance on what we might now know as a Social Enterprise including B.corps.

If you have been gifted a vision for some future possibility, then it comes with responsibility that few people are prepared for. 

To be clear, a vision comes to us. We cannot create it. If it is a powerful vision it must seize us, inhabit our thinking-feeling-being. It will sneak into our dreams night after night, tug at our motivation even when we are feeling unmotivated. Persist, persist, persist against all our appeals to take a break or walk away.

The vision is not ours to shape as we want to. We are the stewards of the vision, its caretakers, tasked to bring it to life. We are the instruments for holding the vision to its Pattern Integrity.

The Pattern Integrity is the inseparable values and particularities of the vision at the moment of its arrival. If we violate the Pattern Integrity of the vision we have set a course for the manifestation of the vision that will never bring it to life as it intended when it arrived for us.

We see this every day in almost every business. We have a vision, and then we violate the essential values or elements of that vision as things get hard. We cut corners, we accept money that asks us to do things that are not aligned, we say yes to small diversions, we trade values, we lie, cheat, obfuscate. Sometimes we do this in our ignorance, believing it is the only way to keep the vision alive. Other times we do this because it feels easier, looks more attractive, gets us to feel we are moving faster to manifest the vision. We accept funds with terms that are not coherent to the values of the vision. We make small agreements, little transgressions, that seem innocuous at the time. 

The intention that we hold for the manifestation of the vision is crucial. Intention on its own does not have form or shape. It is a direction, a vector, a movement towards. 

Working in tandem with the vision, intention clears the path, or writes the path. Sometimes intention blasts the path open. Intention does impossible things when we hold it with clarity and coherence in a frequency resonant to the Pattern Integrity of the vision. Like synchronising pendulums, intention changes the field of action, enabling miracles to occur.

In saying yes to becoming stewards of a vision and its Pattern Integrity we are saying yes to serving it above the desires of self that want to have it look like something, become something that we want. It needs to be what it needs to be. Not what we want.

This is the hardest shift for many as we have been taught to shape a vision in our image rather than let it become its own image. Any child of ours needs to become its own person.

Our role as stewards of the vision is to remain in deep communion with it. 

What does it need from us? Now?

What does it need from me? Now?

Our communion includes the attunement to Kairos time – the time of the heavens.  When this is what needs to happen. Not when we would like it to happen. No amount of willing a flower to bud will have it bud until it is ready to bud.

Our willingness to sacrifice our own desire for our vision to look like we want it to, to act like we want it to, to produce what we want it to is critical to the integrous birth of a vision.

We, as the stewards of the vision, are in service to it and the future, to the intention it holds with us, for that future.

To bring the vision to life requires community. Without people it is just an ephemeral thing, an idea. 

The community also needs to reflect back to the steward of the vision the possible options, affirm integrity of the path when it feels too hard, ask challenging questions, hold the space for the impossible to become possible. 

A community will work for the vision with love, respect and devotion. Not blindly. Not captivated by a net of spells. Transparency and flow of communication are part of any Syntropic Enterprise. As is agency. Choice. Sovereignty.

The path towards manifestation is not linear or certain. We have been taught to plot the path, create a business plan, do the spreadsheet. 

Tell me, if your parents plotted your life as a child to adult on a speed sheet, with predetermined steps, defined costs, and the desire to force you into coherence with the path cut for you by them, how would you feel? Is this how life happens? In human-constructed steps? 

If our recent times have taught us anything, it is most certainly that nothing is certain. 

To move towards the manifestation of our vision is to hold the intention, and then take the very next step. The first step. Not the second or third step. 

Only when we have taken the first step will the second step be revealed. Only when we have arrived at the first step can we know the field, the qualities, the opportunities and ecologies that are now present. 

Many people find this play with emergence extremely uncomfortable. We want to know. We want to impose. Is this not us seeking to put our will over the larger flows and patterns of the Universe? As if we are the gods? Our superiority requiring force? When we do this to our vision we are infecting it with the same arrogance of superiority we are seeking to end through the creation of a Syntropic Enterprise. The very superiority and righteousness that has us believe we have dominion over Earth, time, events, others…

The path is left foot, right foot, one step at a time. 

The form emerges as we proceed. We might have no clue when we start to manifest our vision what form it will take. Form is secondary to the maintenance of Pattern Integrity. 

Too often we become addicted to the form well before the form that needs to emerge is clear. 

We want our athletically talented child to play football and nothing else, rather than give it an ecology to explore what form of sport they want. 

To be the receiver of a vision is to say yes, a fully embodied yes, to all of these elements. 

As we steward a vision to life, we grow up. The vision shapes us, refines us, asks us to do more than we ever felt capable of. Not all of a sudden and all at once. One step at a time. Our capacity and ability matures as the vision matures. 

We might know that a vision does not arrive in our stewardship unless we have the capacity and ability to bring it to manifestation. Rather than get caught in the enormity of it, we might return to now. To the very next step. To what needs to be attended to today to keep the vision and its Pattern Integrity to life.

To say yes to becoming a steward of a vision is a wonderful thing. It comes with great responsibility. 

In Syntropic World we use all of these tools and more as we bring glorious visions to life. We support each other when it gets tough, when we are lost, when we have lost connection with the vision, when we imposed our will on it. 

Our intention is to create living examples of enterprises that are Syntropic – that leave everything better. Where the Pattern Integrity is intact. When integrity is the essence. For a world with a future for earth and all her creatures. 

To steward a Syntropic Enterprise to life is to draw love in action, in every moment, every element, fractals within fractals. 

And in so doing, we become exemplars of love in action, freeing our fellow travellers to bring their very best into the field of love in action.

It is the best playground, way to work, live, be…I could imagine. 

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