Hand sanitisers

Extreme overuse of antibiotics

Removing play equipment from school playgrounds

Overuse of vaccinations

Never allowing children to be unsupervised

Walking or biking to school ‘too’ dangerous

Playing outdoors in the rain or cold…’too’ dangerous

Signage everywhere to speak of the obvious, in case of litigation.

Airport and other security now essential

These are the costs of safety measures and protection, to keep the illusion alive that we are safe and protected.

But what is the ALL in cost?

Are we losing the ability to live the adventure? Risk, uncertainty and a degree of danger are partners of adventure. And the entrepreneurial spirit.

Are we losing the ability to live responsibly…where we, rather than the state, consider the consequences?

Are we losing the pathway to self confidence and wisdom, where hard earned lessons…broken arms and skinned knee’s, and yes the occasional tragedy…teaches us discernment?

Why are we so terrified of sickness…of catching colds, and the usual childhood diseases?

Is it possible to live a whole life when we wrap ourselves in cotton wool?

I think not.

I want my world to be a little messy. I am reminded of my humanness when a cold or flu keeps me in bed for a few days. Climbing tree’s (and falling out of them) is essential to childhood. Allow me to learn responsibility through making choices and making mistakes. And adventure…give me that…in real life, rather than ask me to live adventure through mass media…

Creative Commons License Dave Stone via Compfight

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