Building new models

“Don’t try and change the existing models. Build new ones that make the existing obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller.

I am stunned that we have a world where the technology I am writing on is obsolete, but the technology for co-ordinating humans to create beautiful, relevant, expressions of their best selves is hardly ever innovated.

We might talk about being agile, lean, exponential. This however is a way of being, rather than new models. It’s like choosing to be a Mac user.

The fundamental computer technology is still the same.

Innovation that is transformational is rare. Innovation in how we create enterprises is even rarer.

Considering everything – from the why we are doing what we are doing, how we measure and why we measure, what are the consequences in the short and long term, how we set up a legal entity, and is this aligned to our purpose, how we create the structure and governance, how we provision – people, money, supplies, to be sure integrity is maintained and our enterprise will contribute to a regenerative future….should be foundational.

Our way of doing enterprise design has hardly changed in hundreds of years.

We know it is not working, because most of us are not brought ALIVE in our work. Most of what we work on is not enabling a world with a vibrant future for ALL. We make a lot of things and spend time doing tasks that do not contribute to humanity’s future.

And the world is suffering from the human-designed models of extraction to extinction, colonisation and exploitation.

New models are required….it might be wise to use the operating principles of Universe as a template. Nature has an advance of a few billion years compared with human models.

It is time to turn 90 degrees and create Syntropic Enterprise as the antidote to the entropic enterprises that are business-as-usual.

To begin, question everything. Then apply laws of Universe to human and enterprise co-ordination.

July 18th 2019

Photo taken July 18th, 2019