Business as a living system

I propose we design and create the structure and architecture of everything that supports human coordination, alignment around a purpose, currency, provisioning and flows, how we account for value and measure the immeasurable, and how we hold each of us accountable and responsible for our actions as a living system.

I reflect on what humanity has done – how we have done all of these things so far – as constructs divorced from life, often serving a purpose that is anti-all-life-thriving.

And we wonder how we got to this point of extinction of 70% of our creatures in the last 50 years, with poverty an endless and growing story as large parts of our planet have become inhabitable.

We have separated how we do things from life, just as we have separated our humanity from connection with nature and life.

The pain we feel is real. 

A Syntropic World creates living systems all the way up, down and through. Not separate from Nature. Rather the expression of Nature herself as the coordinate system of all human activity.

Photo taken October 16th 2022

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