Forgive me for the rant. We do now live in a post truth world, where the leader (if you could call him that?) of the free world is one of the best scam artists and grifters the business world has ever seen. Oh, and apparently he has a shit load of money too. I would like to see his full financial statements as I very much doubt he has as much as he says. What is certain is that he took a lot of good decent people to the cleaners on his climb to his top. And he simply doesn’t give a shit about them. At all.

Because this is business.

That excuse.

It’s just business.

Since when did taking the knife out of your belt and stabbing a whole bunch of people in the back become business?

And repeating this EVERY day. Without an iota of guilt.

That knife might be withholding knowledge. Having the upper hand because the other person is not as (slimy) skilled as you are. Fictional reports, web sites and numbers. The power to influence because something threatens you and for no other reason than you don’t like it and you have the power you nix it. The regular graft and corruption. Lies. Outright lies. (it’s raining lies in our world now…business as usual.)

It’s just business.

Where building the very impressive web site stacked with names and faces of ‘expert’ advisors and team members apparently means the business has substance, even if the experts are pulled from an associate company and for the most part the CEO has never met these people. Or quite frankly, couldn’t give a rats about them. Not today, not tomorrow. Their use is their smiling face and captivating credential beaming at the poor, about to be totally seduced, web site visitor. Smoke and mirrors. The con. We, the sucker punched.

Or using BIG numbers, generally pulled out of someones arse…but maybe having a shred of truth, but you really will have to search for it to find it…and the thread that connects will be tenuous if that. Because we need to sell the seduction…manipulate those who are easily fooled by glamor. And there are enough of those to become really wealthy. Or a President. Ask Donald.

Its called exploitation. Its rampant. Epidemic. And celebrated.

And where you have only made it into the ‘club’ if you are a male, wear scruffy black T-shirts, or whatever the colour de jour, and are appropriately unshaven. Oh, and you have exited at least once. Because to not have exited is to not exist. Or to not have built a Unicorn. God knows the world needs more Unicorns. You know, this companies that monopolize. Everything. In their wake. As if this is the holy grail.

Oh, and your exit can be some lame back door, with some shit product, that adds, oh…minus one hundred measures of value to a single human. Because real value to humanity is not the point. The point is the BS. The win. The exit. The status. Big entrepreneur. Obviously. Look at my exit.

So here we are, the others. Those you tell the truth about what is actually happening, remove any BS from their glossy proposal, use REAL numbers that have blood sweat and tears behind them, do not pretend to be what they’re not, and are working their arses off building something that adds real VALUE to humanity. As if that actually matters. Which it does.

But I am not a scammer, building a scamming business to rule the world of scam, so as a consequence I do not live in the club of crushed T-shirts. (I am not a male either, last time I looked, although I have been accused of being male like in my character…I think they call that bossy when its in women, which is also a NO pass. Actually it means that I am ‘Impossible to work with,’ which I have been told I am, because I have strong opinions on occasions. Women are not allowed strong opinions by crushed black T-shirt unshaven males as a general rule.)

Seriously people, we want more of this?

Obnoxico…stuff that adds zero to anyone. Stuffs up the environment in the process. Our world is full of it. Obnoxious jobs…to keep the worker bee busy and passive – they make less noise when they are busy-over-worked for a minimum wage..until one day they revolt. Which they always eventually do.

And the world is also full of people peddling BS. Under the pretence of some cock-a-many story about good for community. Some altruistic story to get them to land the prize. Be that President of the USA, or entrepreneur king of the world.

For those of you who are interested in committing to quality…real relationships, heart felt collaboration, genuinely beautiful business that serves the future of all of humanity, speaking truth without embellishment, doing good work that makes the world a better place, walking your talk, really walking your whole talk, treating all humans with respect no matter their gender, age, or colour…

Then there is enough of us to hang together, work together, build beautiful things…

However, we have an obligation to stop the propagation of lies, grift, graft, corruption, manipulation, seduction, and extractive business models – by speaking up and calling it OUT.

Otherwise we are complicit. Our silence is the universal method of oppression. For those who do not have a voice. Those who will be the target of the master seducers.

We must speak out. Name the elephant. Face their ridicule and derision, which they will often make in public on their platform of entrepreneur king of the world. Or President. How easy is it to do. That is the power after all that they think they have.

Our power after we have called out the elephant, is in getting on with building stuff that matters.  Actually building real stuff that makes a different to people. The planet. Our communities.

That is what I care about. Want to join me?

Here endeth my rant.

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