Camouflage, beauty and activism

We were walking the beach this morning and found a piece of shell, the markings on it exquisite. 

Soft browns and whites, little rectangles, all designed by nature.

To camouflage. 

This little shell house the protection for its occupant. The desire to blend with, to not stand out is its security. 

On its own the shell’s beauty evokes awe.

There are times we might camouflage our beauty, our intelligence, our physical athleticism. 

To always be the stand-out, famous, the influencer, requires a constancy that might be exhausting.

Our camouflage might be a superpower. The beauty of blending enables freedom and safety. 

Our culture yearns for fame. Perhaps more can be achieved when we move and act in camouflage, our beauty and skill ever-present and obvious to those close to us, yet purposefully hidden to enable maximum influence.

Photo taken September 2nd 2021

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