Can anyone name a global leader occupying a political position who is a stand for integrity?

Hmm, anyone?

You know, someone who does what they say? Who does not accept legal bribery? Who doesn’t obfuscate the truth? Or outright lie a hundred times a day as a practise?

How did we get to a place where the people charged with, and paid to, guide humanity into the future have zero moral and ethical ground?

And where, when an Aussie sporting Captain, a Cricket Captain no less, which in Australia is the equivalent of God, does a little ball tampering, he is so maligned that the public goes crazy. Bat shit crazy.

Yep, I am of the opinion that the cricketers should be banned from play for life for diddling with the ball in an attempt to win a match. What on earth where they thinking?

But hubris is a funny thing…it creeps up on you so slowly that you actually begin to believe that you are God, and as such cannot be caught with your hands in the cookie jar, or in this case, down your pants. (There are a few leaders, not just in the sports arena, who might fit this category off hubris and their hands have definitely strayed in a pantsward direction a few too many times.)

We make so much fuss about them, and yet over here, overtaking our news feed, men and women in politics are persistently, blatantly diddling and fiddling every single day…day in day out…and we just mark it up to a yawn.

(And while we are at it let’s throw into this global pot of the political leaders who cannot find even a nano drop of integrity – the “captains’ of industry. You know those ‘mostly’ men who profiteer off your data and have your own data become weaponised on you. Or who extract from the public commons and think nothing of the consequence while they fly off to their 5th weekender.)


They are at it again.

Yawn. Really?

He lied again. Hmm..please pass me the milk..

Seriously, let’s sack the lot of them.

And then perhaps design a political system that is made for the world we currently live in, not the one for which our systems were designed over 200 years ago.

Earth to humans, the world has changed. The Constitutions of the world are OLD. Dated. Designed for different people, different times, different technology, different problems.

Our voting systems and forms of democracy are stuck in our version of the dark ages.

Our corporate and legal governance systems are 418 years old. Yet the gizmo in your pocket that rules your life is obsolete the moment you walked out of the store from which you brought it.

How is this OK?

How is it acceptable that the people charged with ensuring a vibrant future for Humans and Earth can’t even pee straight. But the Cricket Captain who seemed to have had a very serious lapse of good judgement is thrown under the bus?

How is it OK that our political systems are so broken we can end up with liars, cheats, idiots and self serving narcissists able to take us to WW3?

People we have a problem.

Thank goodness younger kids are starting to wake up and see that the grown ups have been seriously lacking in their active citizenship, callously disregarding integrity, and completely ignoring that the world has changed.

We the people have allowed our Childrens future to be thrown under the metaphorical bus.

I would like any adults left in the room to join the kids. We need the same moral outrage that we have so vigourously directed at a silly cricket captain to be turned on our leaders.

NO MORE. Never again.

STOP lying to us.

STOP being a dickhead. (Aussie term for idiot)

We are done with lies, cheating, and supposed grown ups playing like 4 year olds as they try to outplay each other with petty games of politics spending millions/billions of dollars of public funds on a ‘he said/she said’ campaign.

Ultimately the politicians treat the public like fools, but guess what, we the people take their medicine and yawn. We get what we do nothing about. Exactly what we have.

Perhaps in Australia, where voting is compulsory, we need to protest by refusing to vote at all. NO one show up too the next election.

No one qualifies to be elected.

Instead let us create a serious forum for political reform where we invite people with the depth of intelligence, people with wisdom, active citizens, community leaders, community creators, people who have demonstrated commitment to our vibrant future through actions not talk, kids from age 10 and up…and NOT the usual suspects who seem to always be invited to these shindigs who insist on more of the same…

The BOLD, the caring, the creative, those brave enough to have real conversations about the real shit storm we are in as a Humanity, and will not be influenced by money, power, glory…(Hard I know, but they do exist) People who have years, decades of demonstration of impeccable integrity, because well…the world seriously needs INTEGRITY now as the central organising principle.

And over the course of a good amount of time (A year most probably) thrash out the first draft of a new form of democratic engagement, governance, taxation…that is centred around the well being of all of humanity and Earth, and will address our immediate and long term future (Can someone please give a shit about the future seven generations hence?)…with inbuilt design to enable a re-write sooner than later…because we are in a period of accelerated acceleration and we need to lead change, not be at its effect and we must be sure our systems have change adaptation processes built in.

One thing I know for sure, which clearly the young people of the USA just demonstrated so very well, our future lies with ‘we the people” and not with our current leaders of politics and industry.

The system in which they live and work is designed to corrupt.

It must be changed with urgency.

That is up to us.


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