Meet Casey Lyons, a 29 year old former carpenter turned co-founder of Australian nationally recognised non for profit Charity, LIVIN. LIVIN was founded in honour of Casey’s best friend, Dwayne Lally who sadly took his life after living in silence with a mental illness. LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and breaking the stigma of mental health. Connecting, supporting and encouraging one another to talk about their feelings and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”.


Show Notes

How LIVIN got started in such tragic circumstances

How Casey manages when he is not feeling great

Morning routines

Starting the day with an achievement and how this means that no matter what happens to the rest of the day, he has achieved something

Tool of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Finding what works for you, including the right psychologist

Interview with Jim Breen, founder Cycle Against Suicide

Cycle Against Suicide Ireland

How important being vulnerable is to our health

The effect of his friends suicide on his memory

“Strength is putting your hand up and asking for help when you need it”

Staying true to your core values as a person even if that disagrees with everyone around you.

Psoriatic arthritis from doing everything the opposite of what he was preaching, neglecting his own self care.

Self care is the number one care, you can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself

If you are constantly reflecting on shame and guilt then you cannot move from that moment

The continued stigma around mental health

The role of social media in mental health

My blog on social media and how we might have it cause us to suffer for feeling we have a lesser life

Lyrics from Drake Emotionless

Coddling children

Interview with Simon Kalinowski

“Joy wouldn’t feel as good if it wasn’t for pain”

How Casey defines healthy masculinity

“No such thing as a life that is better than yours” J Cole (rapper)

A question he asks when he see’s behaviour towards others that might not be respectful. Would he like his mother, or wife to be treated like this?



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