Challenging our foundational myths

I often think about the time when humans shifted from thinking the world was flat. Or that the Earth was the centre of the Universe. 

When we have invested our entire lives in a myth that we discover is not true, the ability to change, to let go of that myth and engage in the world from our revised perspective, is supremely hard for most people. 

The new way of engaging in a new story threatens identity, power, privilege, accumulated financial wealth..perhaps even a carefully crafted life. 

We fear more than anything the loss. So we fight to keep it. We fight blindly, dangerously, insisting that what has become clearly evident is a lie. 

Our very existence rests on keeping the lie alive.

This is the change humanity is experiencing currently on multiple fronts.

The ripping apart of the carefully crafted myths that have supported the few over the many.

If we want a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures, we must be prepared to challenge our foundational myths.

The way we conceive of work.

The way we think about value.

How we trade value.

The way we think about the human body – size, skin, ability.

What we consider successful.

The role of the individual in community. 

How we think about the future…especially the long-term future.

The way we educate. 

How we age. 

How we care for each other.

How we lead and govern.

How we commune, convene, build communities.

How we travel, explore, adventure.

How we develop and use technology.

How we report, share data, keep citizens informed.

How we design polarity and diversity into every system to ensure the avoidance of a monoculture.

How we nourish and feed.

What we consider healthy and health care.

How we use resources to ensure all-in-accounting and all-in-cradle-to-cradle use.

How and what we build. 

What and why do we consume.

How we participate in artistic expression of all kinds.

How we manage power, power differentials, corruption, integrity.

How do we build security and safety nets against the likely odds of calamity and the unpredictable?

What is wealth? How we celebrate wealth?

What is time and how do we engage with time, including playtime?

How we coordinate humans to do all of these things. 

Very few people or enterprises are exploring and challenging these multi-faceted types of systems and structures.

This is what we are doing at Syntropic World. We do not have all the answers, yet we are unafraid of asking the questions, considering them comprehensively, and prototyping and testing new models. 

Photo taken August 18th 2021

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