Changing our story

If you could write your own story, who would you be and what would the adventure of your future life hold?

If we were to rewrite the story of humanity from today onwards, what would that story be?

Our stories shape us. Often they shape us without us even knowing we have been distorted in an image of a story we have not consciously chosen.

Culture says we are this or that. Our media reinforces it a million times a day.

Image if our collective story was one where we, as Nature, all get to thrive when we partner with all of Nature, including our human and other creature neighbours.

That like the Bodhisattva vow, our work is not done until all life is elevated? 

Imagine if we composted the story of the scarcity of life nourishment, of the need to ‘earn a living,’ and instead lived the story of doing what was spontaneously arousable from within us for the highest good of the highest number of people and creatures.

If our governance, community and citizen structures supported this.

The story I write for myself is a Citizen (capital C) of Spaceship Earth. Responsible for leaving Spaceship Earth better than when I arrived. Able to contribute beautiful, unique skills in a myriad of ways. A forever student. A lover. Able to balance humility with audaciousness. Bold. Fierce. Compassionate. Absolutely getting better with age. 

Photo taken September 4th 2022

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