Character that doesn’t need a photo op

I return again to character. When we are lost in news as drama and sensationalism, uncoupled from reality or truth, when people in their isolation fall down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, we might remember to step back and observe character. 

Character – a symbol or imprint of the soul – the actions one takes even when no one is watching and no rewards are on offer.

Does a person who espouses certain beliefs, including religious ones, live those very beliefs daily as acts to be seen? 

Beliefs that support compassion and special care of the downtrodden, that are motivated to anger over the tax collectors for crippling the poor, that feed the hungry?

Character that believes all humans are worthy of elevation, and not just the few over the many. 

Character that does not need a spotlight, fame, spectacle, red carpets.

Character that doesn’t need a photo op to put their arms around the broken. 

Character that dignifies women, their rights to their own bodies and sexual preferences. 

Character that means doing what you say you will do, apologising wholeheartedly when you screw up, being able to fall to your knees in humility.

The drama that we love to love is a distraction from attending to our own character and clearly observing the character of others. 

If you are gripped in the tentacles of drama, perhaps step back and try to clearly see the character of those who happily exploit the drama for all it is worth.

Photo taken June 15th 2021

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