Syzygy – yoked together. A collinear configuration of three or more celestial bodies. (astronomy)

Pattern Integrity – the unique expression of every creation, be that a human, and idea, or an ant.

A transmission of energy has more power if it goes into the field with the certainty and alignment of an arrow. No zig or zag. A lightening strike.

Our human lives are almost entirely zig, then zag. Repeated over and over as we find our way.

In a story of three parts, I am yoking together thoughts I have about the Pattern Integrity of individuals and enterprises, and how the clearer we are about the Pattern Integrity of ourselves as steward leaders and the Pattern Integrity of our enterprises, the stronger our transmission, the further it reaches and the greater the impact.

If we assume we start with our Pattern Integrity from birth, the unique DNA of our being, as the directional arrow, then looking back at the path of zig and zag of our life we might see the thread of our expression. Sometimes, in those of us who have suffered as children through an unhappy/unhealthy childhood, or terrible local conditions, our Pattern Integrity might be buried under someone else’s projected-upon-you aspirations. It can take years to find our own truth – our own values – our own desires – our own thinking.

Often we see the obvious Pattern Integrity expressed in another, and find it hard to see it within ourselves. This is one good reason why mentors are so valuable. A great mentor will see our Pattern Integrity with blistering clarity, even when our actions are in a field of mud.

Part 1. When our Pattern Integrity is confused, blurred or hidden behind a cultural projection.

I learned how pervasive this was about four years ago when my mentor pointed out to me that I had subscribed to the cultural belief that I was supplicant to a mythic all powerful punishing white male GOD. I would pray to this image daily, sometimes hourly. Often my prayers included sacrificing myself on the alter of what I believed was his demand. And, to paint this picture fully, I am not, nor have been since my early teens, in any way religious. Spiritual yes. My prayers where not to a God that was mine, but a God established by decades of indoctrination that started from day one of my life, not because I had religious parents, but because I was born in a Christian world, went to Sunday school as a child and a Protestant girls school for my mid school years. Like the air we breath, I did not question the cultural norms. Well I did, but not far enough. Like a parasite, the image had taken root in my being, and I was completely unaware of its existence and influence.

Realising that I had spent the majority of my adult life in supplication to, and making sacrifices of myself, to an nasty vengeful male who never seemed satisfied, and I, certainly not a supplicant in my exterior world…few people would call me a pushover…I of course stopped this practise, and unplugged my entire being from this belief system.

I also saw how blind I had been to it. And how blind our Christian culture is to this. So much so that not knowing that this might be the air we breath, it is no wonder women are angry at dominating men, and dominating men are angry that the respect they once got for playing this part is now becoming a backlash. At some level we are all innocent, men and women alike, as the cultural indoctrination has been successful. The patriarchal ethos of our Christian cultural upbringing is very strong.

Let me be clear here. The teachings of Christianity as I understand it, stripped of the dogma of the patriarchy that has controlled the many expressions of Christianity since its inception, is to love thy neighbour. Be kind. Offer refuge to the poor, the broken, the forgotten. Beautiful decent teachings that honour all humanity, no matter your beliefs, background, ethnicity or gender.

The God that I had spent a life time praying to was not a Christian God, but one appropriated by powerful men of the Church through the ages to keep the people supplicant and quiet.

I have not, since this realisation, known where to put my spiritual feet. I no longer pray. I am unsure to what I might pray.

A Grand Canyon of cultural stories, not mine, have been thankfully ripped from my being. Now I get to think for myself, as much as this is possible. Determine, if I am to pray again, to what, and why. Clearly choose how I live a spiritual life.

In removing this cultural indoctrination from my being, I get to more clearly choose the Pattern Integrity expression of who I am as a spiritual being.

Part 2. When the Pattern Integrity is clear, the path is true.

I am fascinated by the transmission of truth. I always have been. Rosa Parks did this by staying seated. No words required. I have watched truth bombs being dropped many times, and the silence that descends upon what was confusion, is awe inspiring. There is a ‘Yesness’ that is evident to all.

To see a human express their Pattern Integrity as a transmission is something I aspire to.

When a speaker/presenter nails it. Goosebumps.

“I have a dream.” Or “We choose to go to the Moon”, or Brene Brown speaking at TEDx on shame and vulnerability, are some examples.

We all have moments of doing this. Our practise of inhabiting our own Pattern Integrity more fully indicates that these moments might become more frequent.

The work of removing the cultural baggage that we do not know has parasited itself into our being is ongoing. Is this me thinking this? Doing this? Or am I speaking reflexively and on behalf of another? A parent? A guru?

Part 3. Expression of Pattern Integrity blurred by unknown ignorance, knowledge asymmetry, or in the worst case, blatant deceit.

Any Source Idea has its own Pattern Integrity. Our job as steward leaders is to enable that Pattern Integrity to be fully expressed in the form of an enterprise or project.

And when it does, we get syzygy. Or as the comic books would say. Kapow! The Source Idea aligns with the Pattern Integrity aligns with the how of expression = lightening bolt transmission. This is what happened when I held the space for Big Blue Sky to come into existence.

This week I was advising a startup in the charity sector.

The Pattern Integrity is clear and the founder is genuinely someone who cares that this project works for humanity in need.

When I read the white paper, I experienced dissonance in the Pattern Integrity, not through intent on behalf of the authors, but through unintended ignorance.

Just like my personal experience of not knowing I was praying to a God appropriated by an historical patriarchy, most people have never really considered the background as to why charity exists.

If we are going to build a company in a sector it might behove us to have taken the time to study and understand the whole system of which that sector is a part. If we do not, we are entering dangerous ground, where for example, we are tinkering with human genetics (CRISPR) before we even know that much about human genetics. It should be no surprise when we start producing nasty mutants with terrible consequences. We are tinkering with the human genome wearing a blind fold equivalent.

*Charity is the after tax of a financial and monetary system that creates in its design, poverty.

Let me translate that.

Our current monetary/economic/finance system is designed in scarcity, managed by central controlling elite authorities, built on debt and strengthened by accumulation. This means that the money creators get more money through more accumulation, which means that those who do not have, get poor, and their debt increases. If all debt was paid off, the system would collapse. Debt – your debt, my debt – is what holds the system up, enabling those few debt free to profit exorbitantly. Microfinance, no matter what you think of it, is only needed because of the current system and it works by charging plus 20% interest on the loans. Commonly 40% interest.

Think about that. Usury or interest charged on loans at the rate of 40%. (And many are above 50%) Taking from one hand that you are feeding, to starve the other hand. Keeping people on the treadmill of work/pay debts/work more = debt slavery.

I find it obscene.

Sadly microfinance is culturally dressed in a Hero’s cloak, and celebrated in the world as a good solution to a problem that few people examine in any depth. To me it shows complete lack of human imagination, and an affirmation of the dominance of the market over moral and ethical considerations.

Because of our current financial and monetary system we need charity. More now than ever. I am not against charity. It is, hopefully, a temporary solution.

I am very hopeful for monetary/economic/finance systems change that will make the need for charity obsolete. A great reference to the possibility of this is Kate Raworth’s brilliant book, Doughnut Economics.

However when we are building an enterprise to ensure better distribution of charitable funds, it might help to know the larger system in which we are playing. If we do not, we might inadvertently become card holding members of the very game that created the game in the first place and as such keep the wheels turning on a bad game. All with good intent.

The Donald Trumps of the world keep us so distracted by rubbish, few of us question the underlying ‘how did we get here” where the disparity between the wealthy and the poor is increasing. We need to focus on the source and not get distracted by the noise about the symptoms.

Here is another example of the game of smoke and mirrors…. take from one hand to give to the other. A master magician distracting the audience while the vaults are being robbed.

If I have health insurance in Australia, and I have a superannuation/retirement fund (compulsory in Australia) then I cannot moan about my health insurance premiums going up if I want my superannuation fund to also go up. Because we said yes to our health insurance funds being a publicly tradable asset, we said yes to them becoming a part of our superannuation fund portfolios which many of them are. Rising premiums mean more return on my super fund investment. It is entirely a fools game completely unfixable unless we insist that health insurance funds are Not for Profit and as such removed from the market as tradable assets. How we agreed to health care being a for profit part of the market is another conversation on the morality (or lack thereof) of the market. We the people are for the most part ignorant pawns in this game.

Back to the young entrepreneur. Until the system changes, we need charities. We need to care for those who have less.

Where the issues arose for me with the Pattern Integrity dissonance was with the team creating the charitable solution. Some of the people on the team of this enterprise have profited off the very monetary system that has created the need for charity in the first place and they have done this is an area that cripples people. Pay day lending.

Knowing how the monetary system works, pay day lending is one of the most reprehensible ways to make a profit. It is exploitation of the highest order, and unless the person receiving the loan strikes it super lucky, will keep them in debt servitude for the majority of their lives. Because most people who take up the pay day lending loans have little understanding of the financial system, they are ignorant to the consequences. And while pay day lenders will cover their evil in the fine print, they have deliberately designed their business to succeed off another persons loss. Including their knowledge asymmetry. One could argue that this is all perfectly fine as it is just good business. My life however, is dedicated to business that serves all of humanity, and Earth. Surely if we looked at a win win win scenario for those in need of urgent funds, we would find a better way? In this case, given the ages of the team behind the pay day lending business, they may be ignorant to the consequences of what they have created, and might now be seeking to amend for their profit from exploitation. I do hope that this is indeed what has happened.

In the example of a business being designed to enable farer charity this model of charitable outcomes created by people who profit from extraction is akin to a dentist owning a confectionary company, or a doctor being on the pay roll of a Pharma company. (Or a politician being brought by big business.)

In traditional business, you would call this good business. Build a business that address charity by keeping the people in need of charity, in need of charity.

Most of us know that to do this is morally repugnant. But we have to know the system first to be able to see this.

The alignment or syzygy between the Pattern Integrity, the outcome required and how we are going to achieve this outcome needs to be coherent if we want to create a powerful transmission.

A possible lesson of this story is that the young entrepreneur is a good person. Good, even great intentions. And like most young startups, focused on creating the ‘thing’. Less focus on building, with deliberate care and attention, the alignment between the Pattern Integrity of the business, the outcomes desired from their investment of time, energy and resources and the how to achieve this. Was there a deep examination of the problem they are seeking to solve, including a whole systems view, and then an inquiry as to what is the most intregous, elegant way to solve for this? Knowing of course that we will never get this completely right…there will be a zig to a zag.

How then to put together a team that has the skills and deeply aligned values to match the Pattern Integrity. Being sure to explore the ethical and moral implications and consequences of what we are creating. (Facebook and all the social media companies comes under this same microscope and are failing now in the field of ethics and morals. To educate yourself on just how powerfully they are able to manipulate your sovereign choices take the time to listen to this podcast on how Social Media and AI Hijack your brain with Tristan Harris and Daniel Schmachtenberger.)

To not consider these foundations prior to throwing ourselves all in is so easy to do. I have fallen victim to this type of impulse more than once and will probably do it again. Good intentions are not always enough. We get so caught up in our enthusiasm and passion that we forget to question certain elements of what we are creating…we can worry about them later…We have to study the whole of which we are seeking to find a solution to a part. Good people with good intentions do this all the time. Good people travel to developing countries with good intentions to help people and do more harm in their complete ignorance of the whole system.

So what can we do?

First we need to take the time to clear up/clean out our own signal transmission. Become aligned to the expression of our own Pattern Integrity in the world. This is not a weekend workshop. This is a life’s work, and it takes focus, attention and commitment.

I recommend you do not do this solo. Find a mentor coach or a mastermind group, or both. Development is both horizontal (Increase skills) and vertical (Increase your neurobiological capacity to handle complexity and multiple perspectives simultaneously.)

If you are the leader or founder of a business, an Integrity Audit of the business is recommended. We cannot see what we cannot see. If the Pattern Integrity of the business is not aligned with every domain of the business, then the signal transmission of the business will be far less powerful. There will be much more zig and zag. Less lightening bolt.

Identify where integrity is absent or not aligned, preferably early enough to make changes without it costing the earth. If the violation is embedded too deeply, figure a way to quarantine it. Build super strong boundaries. Tighten up values and agreements. Design stop gaps and limiters.

Develop the leadership team in the horizontal and vertical domains, with a long term focus on vertical development. Complex systems need people able to work with complexity. The ability to do this is rare. (Current studies indicate that less than 5% of the population have the neurobiological psycho social ability to handle high degrees of complexity. This might be part of the reason our political leadership is so absent any ability to handle complex issues. It conversely means that a personal investment in our own vertical leadership development might be one of the most significant investments we can make for the future wellbeing of our children and the survival of our Planet.)

Our self imposed isolation as leaders creating legacy businesses that support humanity denies the power of synergy where 1 + 1 might equal 1000. Together, with the right people, we are far far greater than alone. A partner/mentor/meta entrepreneur guide will enable synergy.

My core belief is that people want to come together and work on projects and enterprises that make a difference. Their dream is to be able to do this in a way that honours their unique contribution while enabling them to work powerfully in collaboration and community. Good business can positively impact billions of people and create a future that considers Earth and all the creatures on it. It’s up to us.

Thank you for being on Team Human/Team Beautiful Business.

*cudos to Dr. David Martin, architect of the CNBC IQ100 index, founder of M-CAM for my education on charity and Microfinance

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

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