Checks and balances

While many people in the world are suffering an increased burden from the rising cost of living a small but significant number of people and companies are enjoying outrageous profits. Especially the fossil fuel companies. 

As inflation rises, our purchasing power decreases. The illusion that our house price has gone up fails to reflect that our dollar has gone down.

Checks and balances.

Many companies and industries have become bloated with profit, the surplus of the system syphoned off into the hands of the few, often the same few who receive taxpayer-funded subsidies, have been the beneficiaries of the government ‘rescue’ packages and often avoid paying much tax at all. 

The complaint that the lowest-paid worker should not get a pay rise in an inflationary cycle is another magician’s mask to keep the profits flowing to the few. The propagation of the story that increasing wages will increase inflation has been peddled for decades. When people stop spending the economy stops. Greed consumes itself in the end. 

Our checks and balances are out of balance. It is past time to level the playing field. Pay people a living wage. Ensure tax is paid by all, but especially those who have the means to wriggle out of paying anything. Cap CEO salaries from the bloated excess that has become the norm. Cap the number of houses you can own that give you tax cuts. Get public utilities back into the hands of the public. Child and age care, education, health, energy and water are essential services that should never live under a profit incentive. 

Photo taken June 24th 2022

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