Cherish the moments

On the water before the sun crested the horizon. One of those clear days, more usual in midwinter than early autumn, where the horizon was cloud free.

And then that glow of the first kiss of the sun. Across a peaceful ocean.

My love in the shadow of my other love, the sun.

The sun’s colours accessible to our eye just for this sweet moment. 

To imprint this moment on my heart. 



Being alive.

Seizing the day. 

It could all change. Even a place as far from the global north as Australia…it could all change. 

The contrast of this exquisite moment to the horror of Bucha. 

I hold the two tensions in my heart. In reverence to my life, in deep respect to the experience of others.

We need to hold the two. To never forget we are but a moment from falling. To hold this tension not in fear. Rather to find the place between. The place where we can create the more beautiful world for earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken April 5th 2022

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