Choose to scale that which is infinite

In a world obsessed with growth in size, financial profit and acquisition, it is healthy to consider what we might want to scale.

We might focus on scaling love.

Or creativity.

Perhaps a touch of mischief – a mini whiplash of the unexpected.

Human connection. The real kind, heart-to-heart. Intimate. Vulnerable.

How about we scale inspiration – breathing more spirit into everything?

Or making a difference to people.

Trust? Now there is something worth scaling.

Or smiles and laughter?

We might consider scaling doing zero harm. Or ensuring our products last a lifetime. Even better, the entire product cycle is regenerative, and not just sustainable.

Because of the law of precession, if we focus on scaling rich human experiences and qualities that only ever increase the more we animate them – like love – our enterprise is likely to flourish, and be a place of human flourishing.

Choose to scale that which is infinite.

July 2nd 2018

Photo Taken June 17th 2018


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