In this episode, Amir Nasir, interviewed on Episode 21, found here, turns the tables and interviews Christine McDougall on her work.

You can read more about Christine here.


Show Notes

Christine’s relationship with her father and brother as a child.

“You have to get through me to pick on my brother”

Being present to extremes of emotion without judgement, being the witness

What is underneath. Quite often what is underneath has never been expressed.

Charles Eisenstein A More Beautiful World that Our Hearts Know is Possible.

Einsteins quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Christine’s variation. “We cannot solve our problems wth the same tools and systems that created them.”

Christine as a “Meta Entrepreneur”

The lines of transmission of elders is really broken down now.

“You can’t google wisdom” Amir

There are a whole lot of sacred cows that need to be stabbed to death

To speed up slow down

A Fuller Explanation, Amy Edmondson

An all-in-accounting cost of a barrel of oil

“Once you know, you can no longer pretend not to know”

I would rather not be rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic but building a new boat that makes the old one obsolete

Technology is not going to save us. Humans making better decisions will save us.

The Principle of Synergy

Exponential relationship not exponential organisations

Human relational design

Amir has a new way to describe me, “She is a one woman leadership accelerator.”

On my own I am a fraction of the potential of who I am when I work with others

“It is hard to have fulfilment without the courage to look inside” Amir

Belonging in the whole of yourself

Christine’s why, from Buckminster Fuller, To enable 100% success of all of humanity without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone, and to do so in a way that inspires and is beautiful and elegant.


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