Claiming Mastery

We all start at the beginning, the novice. Fumbling. Unconscious incompetence. 

Over time we graduate to apprentice. Always learning. 

Then we move through journey person…not yet a master, no longer an apprentice, able to teach the novice and apprentice. Still learning.

Finally, we move into the realm of mastery. The learning does not end at mastery. The learning is eternal. 

Yet at mastery we can claim a standard of familiar, a level of experience that has us be in flow as we apply our craft. 

To claim mastery, not in arrogance, rather in the humility of truth, is to dignify our journey in becoming the teacher/facilitator of others ascending the path towards mastery.

If there is a field that you have walked all the way to mastery, do claim it. Do not conflate arriving at mastery as an end to learning, for that is where we breed arrogance.

Stay the humble forever student as you masterfully support others.

Photo taken July 14th 2021

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