Clean Communication – revisited

If we want to create a more just world, one with less crippling hate filled, power hungry, extraction based polarity, then we need to start with ourselves.

If your life is filled with drama, with violence of words, with people not keeping their promises, or not holding integrity, then the place to start your investigation is at home, with yourself.

Clean Communication is one of the central models of a Syntropic Enterprise. It says that if I, Christine, experience any dissonance, any discomfort in a communication or relationship, even the slightest sense that something is not right, then I am responsible for cleaning it up at the first available opportunity.

I must take action, speak to the situation, get my own energy field in order. I must reach a place where I am clean and clear in my own being.

Until I do this, any shadow desire to make the other person or people wrong, to have them be the bad guy, immediately makes me the victim. 

We cannot change people. We can only change how we show up in relationship to others. 

We have always had the ultimate power to change ourselves.

Clean Communication starts with me, and you. Any small violation that we step over is our choice, and therefore our responsibility.

Photo taken April 29th 2021

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