Clean energy alone is not enough

A 100% clean energy revolution in a world system built on endless growth will do little to save our home planet.

We will still be needing to dig holes in our Earth to find more minerals for resources, batteries, and our lifestyle maintenance as the population and our consumption grows to ensure our economy works.

We will still be scraping the bottoms of the oceans for fish. 

Cutting down forests to make way for grazing land.

Creating craters of landfills of stuff that takes hundreds to thousands of years to break down.

Clean energy is smart. Clean energy without consideration of the system it lives in – a giant monster of economic growth imperative – is naive. 

Clean energy + considered de-growth + **changing how we measure what matters is a better start.

**consider the Synergistic Accounting Workshop commencing July 26th here.

Photo taken July 10th 2022

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