The path to sabotage and treachery begins with collusion – when we conspire with or play with others in fraud and deception.

Collusion often begins with a simple act of silence. By not naming the small lie or deception we become a party to it through our silent agreement.

It feels so small at the time. The payoff is good. It gets you closer to what you want.

And like a cancer, it spreads, until we are trapped in its tentacles and must lie to ourselves and others to maintain our innocence. 

Yet inside our soul’s register, our collusion works its way into our being, our integrity now infected with a virus that can only continue to exist if we maintain the deception.

It gets easier each day to do so. The path is sown for bigger deception. Until we can look someone in the eye and lie to their face, almost believing we speak the truth, or are right.

When someone calls us out, the investment we have made in maintaining the lie is too big to admit, too much of our identity is at stake. We have built a life and reputation on a house of lies, deception and collusion.

It is the brave person who breaks their own spell and pulls the weeds in their psyche.

This is to return to live lite. To live light.

Photo taken October 16th 2022