Composting dark age thinking

There is no up or down. There is only non touching, individual celestial bodies, large and small, some falling towards a very large mass -Earth.

The is no resting state, no non-moving state. Movement is essential to existence. We might be approaching equilibrium, but we never arrive unless we die. Even then, in Comic time, we move to decay, to regeneration of soil, to matter, and ultimately to some expression of new life…

The second law of thermodynamics, entropy, states that we are moving as Universe towards disorder and breakdown, eventually to non-existence of Universe. This law fails to take into account the Syntropic nature of existence, towards a higher order for an eternally regenerative Universe. Gravitational tension, the complementary pair to compression, radiation and disintegration, at the least balances out the entropic nature of Universe. Perhaps it is even the greater force?

The human ideated building block of Universe, the cube, uses three times more resources than nature’s building block, the tetrahedron. 

If we want to create a world with a future for earth and all her creatures we must unlearn the mythologies that we have been taught as true. 

In so doing we open our perspective to vast arrays of possibility previously hidden in plain sight.

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Photo taken May 6th 2021

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