Is a tricky little character. Too much, and it becomes arrogance, hubris. 

Too little and we find ourselves swimming underwater, the sense of a world of possibility so close, yet so very far.

Confidence is a place where we might be, tethered to the who of our nature. To our skills and experience. Not needing to shout, yet able to speak with dignity and respect.

In our confidence is a simplicity. Our ability to communicate who we are becomes a transmission, no longer requiring embellishment. 

Confidence is co-present with integrity. For in its lack or excess, there is an emptiness, an absence.

Every human I have ever met has experienced a slump in confidence at some time, no matter what their circumstances.

The path back is aided by people who see what you cannot in your moment of doubt. People who offer you a truth about your nature that you might have exiled. 

Most humans have spent time on the arrogant side of confidence, where the boast speaks to our deeper sense of lack.

Good friends and foes will kindly and perhaps cruelly remind us that the boast is unfounded. We might find ourselves on our knees, reduced from our puffery.

To stand in our confidence is to stand in our truth. No more, no less.

December 15th 2018

Photo taken November 11th 2017