Conflicting agenda’s, blurred lines – creating integrity in the transmission of our work

There is a discipline to communication. If we want the communication to be straight and clear we need to remove all that is not the central message.

I watched a documentary movie on the weekend about a person doing fabulous work in the field of trauma. 

A possibly great story was reduced by tangling the message of the work with an attempt to position the person behind the work as a hero.

If the message had stayed straight and true in reference to the work being done the precession of the message would have immediately pointed to the creator of the work. Yet to try and do both reduced the validity of both. 

Those people who we hold as exemplars of service to the greater humanity, people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, had no interest in their own heroics as the central story. 

The work they did was everything. At each attempt made by other agents to put the spotlight on them, they deflected the heroics and personal fame, pointing back to the work.

To have a purpose that exceeds all need to be liked, right, superior, smarter, the ultimate liberation.

Considering the work, considering those we serve…this takes all attention. The integrity of this becomes the transmission.

Photo taken June 22nd 2021 

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