Contaminated Symbols

Easter is a time of symbols. A death, where the overwhelming energy behind the death was forgiveness. Followed by a resurrection. A rebirth.

Imagine if those political leaders who posture as Christians where humble enough to allow the ego/power/privileged aspect of themselves to die, forgiving everyone in the process, including those who seemed to have done them personal harm, or betrayed them.

And then rise again, reborn into love, care, kindness, compassion.

The traditional symbols, not that old, of men and women, say that man is the strong one, while the women shares her vulnerability all too easily, a sign of weakness. (This is a massive generalisation for the purpose of this short article.)

Yet Jesus as the symbol that became Christianity was more compassionate, empathetic, caring, kind…than most men who stand on the platform of Christianity. His care was for the weak, the broken, the diseased, the discarded. 

He turned away from those who profited from others pain, opening the doors of his heart to those who had nothing to give.

How did his message become so contaminated? How did we ever think that vulnerability was weakness? 

The warrior of war can do courageous things in a battle to the death…but can he speak of love, hurt, emotional and spiritual pain, without feeling shame? Is this not courage? To speak of these things that expose our soft underbelly.

Jesus is a symbol of the good that comes from love, care, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

Let us share a little more of his message and much less of those who preach Christianity but only as a hollow symbol filled with righteousness. I am very tired of this hypocrisy, and the cost it has extracted from our beautiful world.

Let love lead. 

Photo taken April 5th 2021