Create the way

It appears hopeless. Whatever the wall, the obstacle, the rules, the box.

Plant your feet on the ground, flesh to earth. Stand tall, back straight, shoulders back. 

The birth of the never-been-done-before is a commitment to the question that has never been asked before.

That question, when aligned with the arrow of emergence, creates a vector of power that sends ripples into the field. 

The answer to the question lives in the field. Sometimes we need to be patient, for elements required have not yet been brought to life.

Other times we need to hold back the tide of despair, lift our head, anchor to the knowing that this is why we are here, this very moment, to find the answer, the key, that makes the next step possible. And remember that it will find us, if we hold true to the question that seeks a solution.

Gather your allies around you, the ones who trust you, who know the integrity of your path, and who will stand beside you when the hopelessness seeks to gain a place in the shadow of your being.

Ask the question, clear and strong and true, not a quiver of uncertainty.


Stay present. 

The answer will find you.

April 29th 2023

Photo taken April 15th, 2018