Creating mechanisms for safe whistleblowing at the enterprise level

In Australia we have an expression, to dob someone in.

It means that we alert the relevant authorities when someone has done what we believe is the wrong thing. 

Also known as whistleblowing.

The Aussie culture has been strongly against whistleblowing because it breaks the vow of mateship.

In a healthy society there are mechanisms for whistleblowing built-in by design. A way for people to raise concerns about others breaking rules that we have collectively agreed to live by, and to do so in anonymity if we prefer. The whistleblower’s safety is to be protected.

The problem begins when a perpetrator is the authority figure. Be that the political class, the elites in the economic class, or the elites in a religious class. 

The power differential makes it extremely risky for someone from a different/lesser class to dob another in.

Every human has blind spots. Shadow aspects of ourselves that we cannot see. 

At the enterprise design level, wise stewards create the mechanism where no one is given an exception to having someone else make us aware of our blind spots and bias. 

As the enterprise becomes more successful it is critically important that this element of all-available feedback is not only reinforced, it is encouraged. The feedback givers are never punished or shamed. 

In Syntropic World we include an Integrity Council, a small group of people who have the wisdom and fortitude to know if the steward leader/CEO is violating, even to a relatively insignificant degree, the purpose and Pattern Integrity of the enterprise. The Integrity Council also keeps the steward leader in check when they may become seduced by power. 

In the current geopolitical world, those who hold the power are increasingly violating and eroding their agreements and mandates.

We the people need to become collective whistleblowers if we want a world with a future.

Photo taken June 29th 2021 

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