The age of human dignity that we are moving towards invites us all to participate. Once we wake up and realise we have always had choice, that the illusion of being subjugated to some ‘higher’ authority that is NOT of our choosing, is exactly that, an illusion, we can get on with the real work of service to the well being of all of humanity. (Or Not)

Most people mistake this for freedom. What they do not recognise is that the moment we step into our full sovereignty is the same moment our responsibility goes up. Once aware, you can no longer be unaware.

Become aware of the way we treat our fellow humans, the Earth, Animals…and simultaneously recognise we can choose to act, or not…the choice of compassion will be action and participation. This is the price of leadership that most people fail to acknowledge. The more people we lead, the greater our responsibility.

Wisdom says that the choice of participation must have a threshold to cross. One part of that threshold is conscious choice. The other is to take some action that prepares one to be fully in.

At Big Blue Sky we invited anyone to participate. Instead of asking for their commitment, we asked them to cross a threshold which entailed a few acts of documented reflection of what they had the willingness and desire to bring to our project and what they expected in return. We all acknowledged that this was a mutable document, and that each participant was responsible for communicating changes of status on both the giving and receiving side. We also had one non negotiable rule of participation…(read more about this in the Big Blue Sky Trust Manifesto)

By creating this threshold we set the frame for engagement.

Like a cell membrane, this threshold allowed a beautiful flow state from within out, and from without in. It also provided a protective shell so that essential components within would not leave, and unhealthy elements from without would not enter.

What is your threshold of participation? Is it within your field of awareness, or is it reflexive?

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