Cycles and spirals

It is the way of everything. Cycles in cycles. 

Hopefully with humanity the cycles live in spirals that move to a higher order.

Circles in nature, like everything, require polarity for existence. The positive and negative charge holds the shape. 

Too much negative and we get explosion. Too much positive and we get collapse.

In our complex world at this moment in history we have intersections of extremes of polarity.

Both a collapse and an explosion is imminent. 

An explosion releases an enormous amount of energy. This creates the conditions for reset. Reset in the way we do most everything in the external world. Finance, governance, housing, education, health.

An implosion absorbs energy, like a black hole. In humans this is like an inner dark night. Introspection. Sifting through the noise, throwing away all that is no longer relevant, useful, valued. Digging through the layers of stories we have been told and taken as true.

Our time is approaching the peak of a cycle. When we cross the threshold of explosion and implosion is unable to be predicted. 

What the transformation will look like no one really knows.

My prayer is that we move as humanity and earth towards Syntropy. 

Leaving everything better.

*On Wednesday this week we have a 24 hour summit covering all elements of Syntropy, led by the Syntropic Community. Do join us. You can attend all, or part. Registration enables access to everything including all audio and video recordings post the summit.

Photo taken March 18h 2018