Dance with the moment

Our education system has us plan pathways, goal set, do projections. Especially in business.

Yet if the last year has taught us anything, it is that too much planning, an attempt at predictability, and we are left disappointed, frustrated. 

Life is emergent. Like the weather, it can and will change in a heart beat.

One of the pleasures of learning to surf is that unlike running, where weather plays a much smaller role, the change in conditions affects everything, moment to moment.

It is not simply the skill of surfing, it is the skill of reading waves and adapting to conditions literally moment to moment.

I was watching the World Surfing League completion being held at Newcastle in New South Wales, watching professional surfers responding, in the moment, to these changes in the conditions. 

There is a requirement to be 100% present, and 100% atuned to the waves, the wind, the flow.

Really good surfers become one with the waves. They do not seek to dominate. It is a tuned-in response. If they are not in this state their desire to have things work out their way will create a diminished result. Some luck is involved. 

At Syntropic World this is what we teach steward leaders to do. We have a destination, a purpose, an intention in the distance. 

The path to that purpose is not a straight line. Sometimes it is a ‘go backwards to go forwards,’ sometimes it is a ‘hold, hold, hold…do nothing…wait…wait’…sometimes it is an ‘all in, everything everyone.’ We must dance with the moment.

Our human desire to control, to dominate, to predict, to have certainty, becomes our limitation.

Photo taken April 8th 2021