1 am, I am awake. This morning it is not the same as yesterday, where my 2.15 am awake time remained until I got up just before 5 am, and the prevailing feeling was one of fear.

The perpetual question was how. How am I going to pull out of this one. How am I going to manifest…how how how? And the thinking cycle seemed hopeless, no chance of the miraculous. I was feeling hopeless. Not a very resourceful state.

At 1 am this morning I was aware that I woke. But the fear wasn’t present. Obviously some low grade stress woke me. I refused to have the fear based thoughts, and I focused on the feelings of what I know to be true. That all of this will change. I do actually know this to be true. When I get into my quiet place, I know that I will not only prevail, but thrive.

Sleep returned.

Today has been a great day.

The miracles I have experienced.

**I had the most amazing meeting with an angel dressed as a human this morning. This person is going to create a round table of the who’s who of Queensland business so I can meet them..to generate work. Plus he is going to introduce me to a potential retired who’s who highly connected and deep in the ‘old boys club’ to get myself and my parters in The Constellation into the board rooms of the right people.

AND…we talked about blocks to stop more referrals from people who know me and my work well. Some great ideas and strategies.

I was grateful that I could also add value to him by sharing a model that seemed very relevant to his business. He was delighted. And got to see more of what I bring to the table in my work.
This man is simply a good man. While we hardly know each other, he knows me and my skill. He has a generous soul. And an excellent business. I know that because in the few interactions I have had with his staff, they have exuded the kind of grace and care that is rare rare rare in organisations these days.  I feel truly blessed to have him arrive in my life.

**things have been on time…the day has flowed without effort.
**I had a wonderful meeting with a client that inspired both of us.
**the train home had free wifi
**a way has materialised to make it from here to there, of course. It always does.
**the speaking engagement for November looks like it is now 3 days, not 2.
**three blind people just got on the train with guide dogs. The dogs are beautiful. There was a blind guy with his dog on the train on the way up this morning. It must be my day to appreciate my sight. 

The thoughts and feelings that have lived with me today have been certainty, and knowing. Its a done deal. Everything I am dreaming of will happen. I can feel it. I have a strategic plan, I know what I need to do…I am in action.

Now I must stay in flow, stop pushing, driving…relax, do what is spontaneously arousable from within me…in a disciplined kind of way..being sure to do what I know needs doing, and keep the distractions to my personal time. In other words, say no to the lizard brain and yes to what I know is true.

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