Delight in diversity and healthy polarity

As a cultural observer living in the nexus of large scale change by choice, and through my lens of the female gender, I have noticed that we still have the great gender divide.

We have the cultural change agents providing platforms and support for women   – female founders funds, female business support, amazing organisations like SheEO – and we have the male dominated intellectuals, groups like Rebel Wisdom and The Consilience Project.

It is clear we absolutely need female founded funds, female support, a collective of the more feminine side of the gender scale being edified and given opportunity. Women are still invisible in so many ways to our current culture and that needs to change.

This invisibility is clearly evident by the numbers of women missing from the male dominated intellectual sphere of cultural change. 

In our future of true equality, when all the walls of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skin colour, age, size, and ability are dissolved, there will be a place for the cultural change makers in all of their diversity to be represented. 

We hold that space in Syntropic World. Within the threshold crossing we ensure all-human-dignity and respect is the ground of our gathering. 

And then we delight in diversity and healthy polarity. Everyone is better for it.

Photo taken February 8th 2014

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