Long have I contemplated desire. 

For many years I ladened desire with guilt. To truly desire something was wrong – a sure relic of my Christian upbringing, where desire was presented as a sin, especially when it came to the desire for love, sex, affection, pleasure.

What do I desire? Perhaps the better question is why do I desire this? If we are honest with ourselves we recognise that our desires are so often a salve for lack. 

Youth often desires things that make them feel better about themselves in the moment. The status symbols. 

When we are living on a precipice we desire things that make us feel safe. The steady and regular. 

When we are in pain – emotional, physical, spiritual – we desire relief. 

As we mature our desires tend to become more aligned with what matters most of all. 

We desire the simple things. Love. Laughter. Sanctuary. Health. Connection.

Following the thread of our desire we see our current world reflected. 

Desire, like intention – creates direction. It is the attachment to the outcome that is our undoing.

Photo taken May 16th 2022

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