Despair I see you

It becomes too much. The despair engulfs us. 

Emotional drowning. All strength to act gone. Squeezed out. 

Husked. Desiccated.

Our body knows that healing requires a cocoon. To be wrapped in blankets, or arms able to hold without any demand. 

To sink into a no-thing-ness. To settle on the bottom of the deep, like sand. 

Only then might we gather one single small thread of light. Just the one. And hold it close and desperately.

The path back is more easily accessed when we look to the beauty of the small. An ant going about her business of rebuilding through devastation. Light of the sun through the clouds. Birds singing in the dawn against every odd of existence.

Let these creatures remind us of life. Of endurance. Of beginnings.

Take the first step. Motion, action, eyes cast to that next step, no matter its size. 

Reach out to help another. 

One step at a time. Everything changes.

Light, syntropy is the greater force.

Photo taken March 7th 2022

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