Different forms of profit

For some it is money. 

For others it is fame.

For many it is power.

I watch as smart people use narrative warfare and hard data to manipulate movements, create new forms of propaganda, stir the pot of conspiracy.

To accuse others of doing nefarious things for financial profit by using narrative warfare and data manipulation that profits the storyteller in their own status and fame is another form of performative contradiction.

Financial profit, fame profit, status profit…the motivation needs to be named. 

This requires enough self-awareness to see that our intention is contaminated.

It also asks that we surround ourselves with people who love us enough, care for us enough, to question our actions, motives, incentives.

Until we remove profits incentives from acts of public good, until we learn the meaning of service to a whole, motivated by generosity and love, deep care, an open mind and heart and oceans of humility, we are in danger of being infected by the virus of power, status, financial profit.


Photo taken July 17th 2021

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