Dig deep for love

Sitting by the beach at a coffee shop surrounded by 1000 specialists opinions. Facebook PhD’s. 

Opinions offered on the wind of whispers, wrapped in times of confusion propagated by decades of erosion in trust of any public and private institutions, amplified by malicious algorithms that care naught for truth.

This is the world we created in our silent agreement to turn our eyes from naming lies when they first happened with those who hold public office, those who run the world as leaders of our companies. 

This is the world we agreed to when we incentivised profit over everything, laughing as our retirement portfolios fatten, care-less about how…that our unaware investment in big Pharma that become bloated using taxpayer funds to ‘innovate’ new drugs that are sold for ridiculous prices and withheld from those without means, as they addict us on sugar and fat that means we become ill without the overpriced drugs.

This is the world we agreed to through our careless entitlement. Our demand for rights, completely untethered from any responsibility. Not a one of us in the richer countries can claim innocence from this. Including me. 

How easy is it to get caught in the fray of the drama of the now. To be reactive. To love our righteousness?

All the while the world and her precious creatures burn to death. And people without any thread of access or power are drowning, or starving, or trying to move to a place that offers some glimmer of a future, treated like beggars on the threshold of countries.

Natural medicine is about understanding source, not just treating the symptoms.

The Facebook PhD’s are playing with symptoms, neglecting to address the source of the source. The systems and structure upon which our world is built. 

Until we change these systems, the story we are living will cycle on repeat in one thousand costumes. And the polarisation will amplify.

I am sitting here listening to Facebook PhD’s and I have to dig deep for love. And return to the work of transformative change of those very systems.

Oh, I must dig deep for love on this beautiful morning.

Photo taken December 22nd 2021

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