Distinctions – Stewardship vs guardianship

In Syntropic World we speak about Steward Leadership. Through my forever apprenticeship to the work of Buckminster Fuller I continue to honour the etymological roots of words – the Pattern Integrity of the word woven when they were originally architected. 

This Pattern Integrity of a word lives within it, whether we are aware of it or not.

The word steward means to keep a home or dwelling, to be the warder of a home, to manage the space|home on behalf of others. 

‘Ward’ is the same root as found in the word guardian, which means to ‘keep watch over’ or ‘protect.’

Part of the role of the Steward Leader is to be a guardian. However it is more encompassing than that. 

A Steward Leader holds the space and shape for the ‘home’ and its wellbeing. They do this in service to something greater than self. The home can be a community of people, earth, creatures and an idea wanting to be birthed. 

Photo taken April 20th 2022

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