Do I want to contribute to the hyper polarised state of our world in any way?

I was in a conversation with a family member a week ago. We were talking about a very current and very polarising topic. (There are a few available in the world right now!) My family member and I did not agree. 

I noticed my charge. The conversation charged me. I was riled up, angry, exasperated. 

When we become charged this is a clear signal that we have the issue. Our cultural conditioning would rather we point the finger at the other and say it is their fault.

But no, the charge rests with me. I cannot change the other. I can change how I respond, show up, and either ignite the charge further, or do what I chose to do instead, step back.

I have taken this week to step back. To consider. To notice my anger. To notice my desire to be right, to make them wrong. To notice that this need for righteousness has overtaken my natural curiosity. “Why do you believe this to be true? Help me understand?”

I know I need to step back into the conversation. However it is inappropriate for me to do this until I can do so charge neutral. Until I can show up absent any charge then it is better to not show up at all. 

Over the last week I have explored all angles of my charge, of my love of being right, of my addiction to drama. In seeing it, I can choose to let it all go. 

I have seen the ridiculous application of charged energy in our world. It is like that pre-storm phase when our skin and hair are sparked with static electricity. 

Do I want to contribute to this hyper polarised state in any way?


Taking a step back and bringing myself to neutral has restored me to my own sovereignty, no longer controlled by my trigger happy charged state.

Photo taken November 18th 2021