Do the right thing. But what is the right thing?

Most people I know want to do the right thing. Most people care.

But what is the right thing?

In the middle of last night I woke with this on my mind.

Not from some dark cabal of gathered consciousness, but from a systemic agreement that places greed and power as the central organising feature.

There is no organised dark group of men who gather and dictate what happens to the minions. To you and me. 

There are only systems and structures that incentivise greed, corruption, power, care-less-ness. A culture that agrees to this. And individuals seduced by the power.

The dark is everywhere. It is in us. Our current pop culture is flooded with dark lords. It is the central story of all great epics, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones.

If we cannot see it in ourselves, if we cannot do the hard work of knowing our temptations, if we do not hold ourselves to the highest order of integrity, then we are lost.

It is the choice of every human. It lives in the very small places of our lives. 

Once we say yes to the small transgression we are a heartbeat away from agreeing to evil.

Photo taken November 20th 2021

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