Do you love it? Being reduced to a dollar amount for your precious time? Is this the life meant for the bright eyed baby who is hungry to share themselves in their wholeness with the world?

But if not this model, then what? What is the alternative?

We want to bring our whole selves to work. All of our skills and gifts, all of our heart. We want to be engaged with our work. To be seen. To be respected. We want to love our work…we want the dignity of working our craft and crafting our work.

When we work with a model that engages the whole, time is but one dimension. Money is but another. Neither of them are complete.

How do you put a dollar value on the experience of a sunset with your beloved? The touch of your child as they reach for you in their sleep? The pleasure of a meal shared with loved ones?

To discount these priceless aspects of our life and work is to continue to reduce ourselves to dollars for time.

I invite you to explore another way…we call it Integral Accounting.

Photo credit: Mandy Campbell via Compfight

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