Dreaming of a time when the land might give thanks to people

When the plants and trees are held in the same honour and respect as any human constructed asset. 

When our ecology is considered sacred, again.

When all creatures are respected for their interweaving capacity – essential for all-thriving existence.

When our waters are not seen as toilets for our waste, or places to gobble all the fish in one fell swoop.

When man’s arrogance exists only in some historical record for our future humans to remember  – lest we forget – so we never do this again.

Those who hold our land, sky, oceans, all our creatures as objects for exploitation, for personal gain, recklessly ignoring consequences, I look to you with compassion, knowing that in your separation from our living Gaia, there can only be an unexplained emptiness.

Photo taken October 23rd 2021

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