Emotions Tangled

From the stunning beauty of this morning. (The word stun – to daze or render unconscious, astonish. What a perfect word.)

To the uncertainties life throws from left field. 

My emotions tangled. Present time beauty, loving the moment, holding the tension of a future with clearly defined hurdles.

Like my hair after a salty surf. Knots and tangles and wild. 

Yet strangely beautiful. Like Nature after a devastating storm.

We must be undone. It is the way of rendering our core, revealing our essence, defining what matters.

All that accumulated rubbish we hold. The effort to present ourselves and our lives in a particular way, the influencer, the selfies. So much energy to be someone we are not.

Until the storm of our life reduces us, so often in a heartbeat.

At my age, I have lived through so many of these storms and been reduced many times. I know the power of the journey, to be thoroughly tossled in the waves of life.

It gives solace. Yet today, I allow the tangle to be there. Beauty with uncertainty. The burst of life with the touch of death. 

I will be a messy human with gratitude.

Photo Taken March 19th 2023

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