Enough to go around

There is enough. More than enough money, food and housing.

We might ask the question why does anyone go hungry? Why people are homeless on the streets as thousands of empty homes and apartments accumulate wealth for a few? 

We might ask why some can access health care, and others not?

We might question the story we are told about how the homeless brought it upon themselves. About how poverty is a result of bad decisions, addiction? 

Bad actors are everywhere. Sanctioned crime lives in plain sight in the political halls of power, where privilege and access beget wealth through whispers.

“Work hard” I was told. Australia apparently has the highest employment rate since ‘forever.’ But working an hour a week is counted as employment, and many work three jobs just to cover the basics. 

Rage is rising. The mythologies are cracking as the political class’s hubris gets exposed, so far out of touch with the people they are elected to serve. Autocrats use the most advanced propaganda machine ever created to keep their people subdued and compliant. 

There is enough to go around. The shame of humanity is that we act as if there is not.

Photo taken April 10th 2022

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