Everyone lives downstream

To realise this, to know that what I throw away – be that words, rubbish, clothing, chemicals – goes to my neighbour.

I am your neighbour. 

The fish are my neighbour. The birds, my neighbours.

You are my neighbour. 

If we say it is perfectly acceptable that large celebrated companies get away with throwing things downstream, if these companies earn us returns on our invested capital, yet point to our neighbour’s transgressions as a despicable act, we are the hypocrites. 

There is more potential for human and life flourishing in ensuring no one suffers in our success as humans in Universe than there is in the narrow world of unexamined consequences.

Let us turn our attention to the rich rewards that are there waiting for us when we consider the whole, when our throw-aways enrich all downstream.

Photo taken September 22nd 2021