‘Evil thrives in apathy and cannot exist without it.’ Hannah Arendt

If there was a central Pattern Integrity to my life work it is to stand in integrity.

To speak to the smallest transgressions and little atrocities within us – the places we step over our own self violation – and the places we step over violations from others.

The recalibration we are experiencing at this time in history gives us a chance to start again. What a price we pay for our apathy. For many the price is final. So many innocent people caught in the crosshairs of violence and war.

Or trapped in the once in 100 year flood that happens now every decade or less. Whole communities underwater in my local area.

Into the wells of our own existence we must reach. Down into our own darkness and fear. Down further into the light of our being, our flame. Let the rage speak up. Rage against our own apathy, our own silence, our own ability to tolerate care-less leadership.

If you fear your voice and rage, think more of others – the voiceless, those stripped of choice, those reduced to the clothes on their back. 

Forget self – speak for others. Speak for the future. Speak for your grandchildren. For our beautiful creatures. 

Rage against apathy. Rage against lies. Rage against corruption. Rage against arrogance.

Know that you, and I, and us, can lead change. If not me, who? If not now, when?

Photo taken March 2nd 2022

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