False reality as power

“The ability to assert a false reality in the face of empirical evidence is itself an act of power” Ruth Ben-Ghiat

We live in an age where many in positions of power flaunt this ability – taunting the world with the posture of “I get away with whatever I like.” 

We have serial lying, the complete abandonment of any norms, cruelty and carelessness as business as usual. 

Anything that doesn’t suit the power grab is branded as false. 

The problem with this position, which will take time to unravel, is the heights of hypocrisy required to maintain said position. 

In the end, even those of us completely spell-cast by these little power-grabbing men will see them for what they are. 

Empty vessels of self-serving promises. All bluff. No substance. 

What can we do in the meantime as their present actions seed their own undoing?

Get busy building communities, leaders and enterprises founded on integrity.

Photo taken November 9th 2022

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