Come in all shapes and sizes. Our genetic family. Our adopted family. Our family through law. Our chosen family. If your family of origin does not support your soul, you have a choice to continue to engage or create a family that does nourish your soul.

There are family members we tolerate because they are family. And family members we divorce. 

Like a team, add or remove a single person and the dynamic shifts. Age and youth entangle to invite polarity. 

Families are dynamic, never static.

To believe a family will be this steady constancy is to believe in illusion, whether the family is infused with violence or love.

To create a sense of family is an act of generative participation. If you are the static one, the family will leave you behind. 

Our conversation with family makes a family. To choose distance in active participation, in whatever form, breaks the family for us.

In our ageing we can choose to lose the thread of the conversation with the younger members, living in a bubble of a culture past.

Like all relationships, the conversation and the connection is the relationship. 

Photo taken December 25th 2021

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