Fear as the canary in the coal mine

Fear makes people wobbly, doing strange, out-of-character things. 

Fear can also bring forth the shadow elements of us, elements we may not see in ourselves.

Our own fear can be a powerful reflection pool, the opportunity for us to look deep into our fear and inquire as to its truthful source.

What triggered this fear response?

What is the source of the source behind this fear?

If this fear was my teacher, what is it teaching me?

Is my response to this fear coherent with the fear itself, or is my response amplified beyond the scope of the source of the fear?

I observe a world seized by fears, some legitimate, others so irrational it beggars belief. I also see absence of fear where there might be a legitimate case for it.

A forensic examination of our own fears can reveal so much. 

Photo taken November 21st 2021

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