Fear of age and breaking

This may be the first time in over 2000 of these Beauty of Beginnings blogs that I have featured myself in the sunrise.

The conditions were just right to walk, fully clothed, out to the point of Snapper Rocks. From this place, surfers launch themselves into the ocean – taking a highly risky shortcut into the famous surf break. Scary as hell and requires exquisite timing.

The rocks are very sharp and uneven. Even with shoes and without carrying a surfboard, it was difficult.

As I was walking out, I noticed my fear. Falling and slipping on the rocks. I wondered where that girl had gone who, only a handful of years ago, would run down mountain trails faster than anyone, so sure-footed. Where has this fear come from? Is this a natural part of aging? Or what?

I do not want to age with fear, that is certain. I invest time in everything needed to ensure strong bones and muscles. 

Yet there is the fear. This morning I capture the image of me, and I stamp a place in my heart and bones that says no. Fear of age and breaking, you will not have your way with me.

Photo Taken May 27th 2023

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